How Often Should I Clean My Windows?


Window cleaning is essential to properly maintain the condition of your windows.

Glass is porous and windows that are left dirty for long periods of time will develop permanent mineral deposits and become hazy or stained.  This can cost you extra in the long run. The simple solution is to have your windows cleaned regularly.

Regularly cleaning your windows will keep them sparkly, prolong their lifespan and help your home or business look clean and welcoming.

To further understand how often your windows should be cleaned,  you will need to look at where your home is located in San Diego County.

Beachfront & Coastal Properties

We recommend a monthly cleaning service to those that live on or close to the beach.  Letting salt stay on the glass too long will stain your windows and limit their lifespan. A monthly cleaning of at least the exterior glass is highly recommended to prevent saltwater damage and to help prevent mold from growing on your window panes, tracks, and screens. Mold can be dangerous to everyone living in your home.  The only way to prevent it is with diligent cleaning.

Inland & Centrally Located Properties

We recommend a quarterly window cleaning for homes near freeways0 or highly dusty areas.  Dirt and grime can build up quickly on your exterior windows and screens leaving allergens and staining your windows.

For basic maintenance, a semi-annual cleaning in the Spring and Fall will suffice for properties that are not near high wind, or dusty areas.

East County Properties

Homes in East County experience higher heat and dusty weather conditions.  If your home is in a dusty part of San Diego County we recommend quarterly window cleaning.  Removing dirt, grime, and pollen is essential in maintaining your homes appearance and preventing set in stains to your glass and window panes.

For basic maintenance, a semi-annual cleaning in the Spring and Fall will suffice for properties, but you may need to do touch ups and cleaning on your own.

Our Window Cleaning Services

We offer several levels of service.  A full service includes an interior and exterior window cleaning, screen cleaning, and cleaning of the tracks and window frames. We also offer exterior window cleanings to clean the outside of your windows, screens, and exterior frames.

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