How to Hire a Great Window Cleaner


Are You Looking to Hire a Great Window Cleaner?

Then clearly Ace is your best choice!  Let us help explain why, and give you some great tips during your search, if you decide to keep looking.

Buying your home is one of the biggest decisions you make in life, so maintaining it is a high priority.  When you are looking to hire a professional window cleaning crew make sure to ask the following questions:

Do you do the work yourself?

Many companies have sprung up that are actually referral companies and subcontract their jobs to local window cleaners. They rarely screen the companies they hire out to and usually have very little knowledge of the level of service the subcontractor will be providing.

How much professional experience do you have?

Being a professional window cleaner is a learned skill.  Window cleaning may seem like a simple skill to master, but it takes time and effort.  You have to master specific techniques in squeegee and ladder work, be trained in customer service, know your safety protocol on ladders and roofs, and be trustworthy. Most cleaning companies train each of their window cleaners for at least six months before they allow them to take on jobs independently.

Are you licensed and insured?

Whenever you are hiring a contractor to work on your home it is essential that they have the proper insurance.  A solid cleaning company will be happy to provide you with their current documentation prior to entering your home.  Make sure that you check the date of the policy and that they have at least $1,000,000 of coverage.

Do you background check your employees?

You need to put your safety first when hiring any contractor to enter your home.  Make sure that you only hire a reputable company that regularly screens their crew.  Today there are many services like Home Advisor that background check their vendors for you as well.  

How do you determine your pricing?

An experienced window cleaner will be able to give an over the phone or email estimate.  Just be prepared to provide them with some basic information.

  • Square footage of your home
  • Window count
  • How many stories
  • Any divided light or French paned windows

Do they include screens, tracks, and frames?

It doesn’t make much sense to clean the windows and reinstall screens that are covered with dust. Some window cleaners leave this as an optional add-on that they charge extra for. To us that seems unprofessional and a little unfair to you as a client. A real pro will just include cleaning the screens in the price of the job.

Do they offer screen replacement?

A quality window cleaner will be able to quickly re-screen your windows and doors.  At Ace, we will always notify a home owner if their current screens have extensive damage or mold and recommend that we replace them for you.  This can be done for a nominal charge on-site or within a few days turn-around time.

Will they inspect your windows?

A quality window cleaner will be able to tell if any of your windows have seal damage or if your window frames and tracks needs additional maintenance.  This should be a customary part of their service and complimentary.  

At Ace Window & Solar Cleaning, we provide personalized service from a professional local window cleaning crew.  All of our employees are pre-screened and insured. You can feel safe in trusting us.

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