Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer residential and commercial solar panel cleaning to help maintain the electrical efficiency of your solar systems. Our cleaning methods include water fed pole systems with deionized water and pressure washing systems, depending on the scope of the job. All of our high quality services include a visual inspection of your equipment and we will notify you if any concerns are raised.

We utilize state of the art cleaning methods with solutions that are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We have dedicated ourselves to being a green company to help protect our environment for ourselves and generations to come. Depending on the requirements of the job we offer either a pressure washing (at a maximum of 3750 PSI) or a water-fed pole system, both using deionized water that leaves a spot free dry. We can provide our own water on-site or work with your current system. Depending on the job, we may also use eco-friendly soap. 

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How Often Should Solar Panels be Cleaned?

All solar panel manufactures recommend regular bi-annual or annual cleaning. In addition, most solar panel leasing companies require bi-annual cleanings to properly maintain their equipment. The economic benefit of achieving optimal solar absorption, maximum electrical efficiency, and optimum energy output greatly outweighs the periodic costs of maintaining your PV panel surface.


Will Cleaning My Solar Panels Really Increase My Electrical Output?

In most suburban areas, PV electricity output declines approximately 10% due to accumulation of dirt, dust, and other residues (SEPA). In urban and farming areas, where bird droppings, pollution, dirt, and extreme dust are common; PV electricity will generally decline 15-20% (SEPA). The only way to prevent this output decline is to use a high quality professional cleaning service, you will not achieve the proper cleaning with just seasonal rain. At ACE, all of our work is done on time, and on budget, without sacrificing quality. We have been in the solar panel cleaning business for years and were one of the first window cleaning companies in California to offer this service.